Statement necklaces have been on the scene for a number of months now and they aren’t going anywhere! They are the perfect quick fix to a blah outfit or the key piece when taking your daytime look into evening.

A key tip when wearing a statement necklace is to keep the rest of your jewelry to a minimum, don’t let your other jewelry compete. Besides that, statement necklaces go with everything. From a little black dress to layered with a collared shirt and sweater, don’t be afraid to pair a statement necklace with just about anything!

Also, layering your statement necklaces can create a beautiful, dramatic look. And don’t worry! Although some necklaces can get very pricey, many just look that way. Scour your local TJ Maxx or eBay like I did for some great finds. In the cover photo, the big top necklace was $29 and the neon one was only $14! Keep an open mind and get creative!

Below are a few easy looks that I have worked that incorporate statement necklaces:

Jazz up the little black dress:


Pair with a blazer and simple t-shirt:


Match your heels to a color in the necklace:


Coordinate a part of your outfit and your necklace:

Try some color blocking with a bright skirt and necklace for a fun summer look:


Wear it over a jacket: 


Additionally, if you like any of the necklaces in this photo:


They can be found here:

One (1): Just Fab  | Two (2) : Stella & Dot  | Three (3) : Just Fab  | Four (4): Just Fab  |  Five (5): In stores at Zara  |  Six (6), Gold and Neon Necklace: Erin McDermott Jewelry