Brexton and I decided to take a field trip to Ethel M Chocolate Factory, a division of Mars Chocolate, while we were in Vegas because I heard awesome things about it from Kyle’s Grandma. She was right, this place is awesome! It’s located about 30 minutes from the track (even closer from The Strip) and there is a lot to see and do for all ages.

When we arrived, after going thru the M&Ms gift shop and getting Brexton some new onesies, we were taken to the Tasting Room. This is something new that just opened up and you can sign up on their website to book a tasting. First, you learn a bit where the cocoa pod comes from, how it’s harvested and how it is eventually made into chocolate. After that the tasting begins (for me, not Brexton)! You are given five pieces of chocolate and a sheet where you can write down your sensory experience. The guide helps you to pick up undertones on the chocolate and you get to guess what you are eating. It was a really good time!! The most surprising to me was the lemon satin-filled chocolate. Though I didn’t think I would like this flavor, it was amazing!! It was tart and smooth and accompanied the dark chocolate so well, I couldn’t get enough of it!

After that we walked through a long hallway where you could view all the chocolate being made! It was very interesting to see and all ages were really enjoying it.

We then went to the gift shop that had every flavor of chocolate imaginable!! Of course the Kyle Busch box collection was front and center for race weekend! Kyle and I had a really good time picking out the flavors for our set, and we hope you like them too! And Brexton was excited to “see” Dada there too (see pic with cardboard Kyle 🙂 )  I couldn’t  believe they had a tequila-filled chocolate, so of course I had to get one of those! Now I remember for my 21st birthday receiving those little chocolate bottles filled with liquor and they weren’t very yummy. Ethel M ‘s chocolates filled with various liqueurs are not like these at all. You can taste the liquor but in such a smooth, refined way it was delicious and I was also told one of their top sellers (I can totally see why!!)

After purchasing some fun flavors, we went to the free cactus garden on the grounds. Housing over 300 types, it was really pleasant to walk the grounds while sampling some of my new chocolate purchases. For Christmas they light up the whole area and it is quite the display! Kyle’s Grandma said she and her friends would go there every year to walk the garden.

I wanted to share this with you if you live in Vegas, or plan to visit the area. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, and as I mentioned before, everyone from kids to grandparents were enjoying themselves!