I’ve had some ladies ask how to banish bra fat. You know, that annoying bulge that hangs over the back of your bra and by your armpits, making strapless dresses a nightmare!

Here are some of my favorite moves to really target the chest, back and shoulders that will help you quickly tone and be ready to rock that strapless dress or backless shirt that’s been hanging in your closet!

I like to do each move 15 times (per side where applicable) and aim for three sets.  But to start, just do as much as you can. A good rule of thumb is that by the last rep of a move, the weight you are holding should be hard to lift. If it’s easy, add more weight. If the body weight moves are too easy, add more reps.  If you are just starting out, just going through the motions is a great start – and work your way up to using small weights.

Chest Fly

Reverse Chest Fly

Plank Row

Laying Overhead Dumbbell Pull One Weight

Plank Shoulder Taps


Upright Row

Walkouts to Push-Up

Chest Press


**Note: Fitness has always been a passion of mine. When I was in high school, I worked at a gym where I learned the fundamentals of weight training and then, in college, I was an aerobics instructor teaching body sculpting, spin and water aerobics classes. Back then, I was certified through the university and then through the gym where I worked, but please know I am currently not accredited with any national organization. These are just my routines/exercises that I enjoy doing! Proper form is very important to me so I keep up-to-speed with DVD’s from my favorite trainers, like Jillian Michaels, and reading fitness magazines. Please consult a doctor before performing these moves or doing any workout routine.