There so many different products for women out there ranging from a mere dollar or two in health and beauty products all the way up to a few hundred dollars for face creams.  So what is a lady to do? Which items should we fork over the cash for and which should we opt for the cheaper or generic sister? Below I have found a number of tried and true products that won’t break the bank while on other items I have to suggest spending the money on.

Mascara:  Have you seen the many different types of mascara out there?! There are ones for volume, length curl, color, waterproof, false look, you name it and it’s out there.  Additionally, the prices are so scattered its hard to know what the normal price should be and which ones really work.   I will say first of all that I am a mascara junkie.  Even if I find one I like I will try a different kind just to see what it does  so over the years I have found a few winners in the bunch.  Out of all of the mascaras I have tried my two favorites are on the low end of the price scale, one being CoverGirl Lash Blast (waterproof for me) and Rimmel London Lycra Lash Extender Mascara.  First, the CoverGirl one comes in a bright orange tube so it’s easy to find in a sea of mascaras. The wand of the mascara is HUGE and the bristles are a unique plastic.  This formula does not run or clump and it makes your eyelashes very full.  The cost of this mascara is only $5.94! The other by Rimmel London is unique because it has Lycra in it, which seems to leave my lashes with movement instead of  being rigid and clumpy.  Also if I use two coats of this formula I can get my eyelashes almost up to my eyebrows, talk about some serious length! Additionally, it helps my lashes stay curled all day for the mere price of about $6.  If you are desperately trying to spend more money for some reason then go with Dior Show Mascara.  It is a great mascara that makes your lashes very full and long but will cost you $24.50.

Face Wash: I will preface this review by saying if you have a skin condition such as severe acne or overly sensitive skin, these next two face washes may not be for you. Hey may very well work but I have normal to oily skin so this is just speaking for my skin type.  Like mascaras, face washes come in all different price ranges but here is the thing with face wash, you wash it off! Unlike serums and lotions that stay with you all day, the job of a face wash is simply to remove dirt, make up and impurities from your face.  Granted some cheap cleansers may be harsh, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash and Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser are wonderful.  For only $6.49 or $9.49 (for the 16 oz size) these cleaners remover all impurities while not stripping your skin of its essential oils.  I really like both of these cleaners and just for an added cheap at home trick once a week toss a little baking soda into your face wash for a nice exfoliation just don’t rub too aggressively.

Shampoo and Conditioner: Walk into any big store lately and see that there is an entire isle dedicated to just shampoo and conditioner? Overwhelming right?! Here I am sad to say that pricier may be better.  I have many friends in the hair industry and all of them have said that most cheap shampoos are filled with harsh fillers, chemicals and waxes.  It is safest to stick with a sulfate-free, salon brand.  Additionally, I do not know if this is true or not but according to a few hairstylists, the salon brand shampoo and conditioner that is on the shelves at your major stores may actually old or not  exactly the same formula.  I have no idea if this is true but that’s what I have heard.  To date, I have yet to find a good brand that I love and I am open for suggestions.

Layering Pieces: Layers are huge for fall! They keep you warm, add pops of color and are basically a total necessity.  Please do not waste your money on layering pieces that are on the bottom. At most you will see the bottom of it or maybe a little sleeve but this is not the main focus of your outfit so do not go out and spend a lot on these pieces.  I like to hit up Target or TJ Maxx and stock up on basic colors in all different sleeve styles.  I just picked up some great thermals at Target that are nice and long and look great underneath a little fur vest. Tights also fall into this category.  Do not go to the big department stores and throw away money on a simple black pair of tights.  Hit up TJ Maxx and score a great pair.  Just as a style tip try a black pair with some texture or print. This looks great with a simple dress, say a charcoal gray colored one, and a simple black bootie.

Shoe Protector: Regardless of how much your shoes are make sure you protect your investment with shoe protector.  My favorite one is from Target by the brand Kiwi.  They have suede, leather and fabric protectors.  Unlike other shoe protectors, this brand does not leave any marks or stains and it really protects your shoes from the elements! I spray mine as soon as I get them and if it is a winter shoe, I try to spray them once a month to really protect them for the snow and slush.