There are so many workout DVDs on the market today, so I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you! Hope you enjoy the blog and please comment below with some of your favorite workout DVDs!

Barre Skinny is my favorite for toning that tushy! It works all of your body parts but really does a number on your butt because it works it from every angle. From standing leg pulses, glute bridges and some awesome mat work this video makes sure to tone and lift. The video starts out with a warm-up for your arms, a little abs, thighs, butt and more abs. The video comes with a small ball that you use for thigh work, which really targets those inner thighs, and a band for stretching and abs. She has two girls with her to show advance moves and modified ones. I like her cues throughout the workout and the flow is great!

As the name implies, Physique 57 is 57 minutes of a great barre workout. My favorite of this is the abs. It’s pretty long in comparison to other videos I’ve done by other instructors and really tones up those lower abs because you do a lot of various leg drops. This video also works all your major body parts.  One of my favorite moves are standing leg circles that really burn the booty! Also in my favs is her thigh section, which consists of two segments with a break in between followed by a quick mat routine called thigh dancing. By the end, my thighs feel like jelly, which is exactly what you want if you want to see change!

I worked out throughout my entire pregnancy and Slim & Toned was my go-to barre workout – and I still use it today! I love the instructor’s demeanor, the workout flow and her unique moves. One of my favorites is a reverse lunge that you then lean forward and lift your back leg. She also has a move called Barbie arms that is a burner! In addition to the traditional barre workout, she adds a cardio section at the end which gets that heart rate up and continues burning your lower body. I find myself still adding that section into my current routines.


Before working out at all, please consult a doctor!