Where do I even begin with Brexton’s nursery? From location to theme to renovations, I was all over the map!

First, let me start with the location. As a first-time parent, I had so many questions going through my mind; like, should we let him sleep in our room for a few months or put him in the nursery right away? This was the first issue at hand. Kyle didn’t want him sleeping in our room since he is such a light sleeper, but with our room being on the main floor, I wasn’t comfortable putting him on the second floor. So, this is where the renovation comes in. There is an office area right next to our bedroom that was perfect, except for the fireplace and no closets. After tossing ideas around for quite awhile, we knew this was going to be the only option that would make me comfortable. He would only be a stones throw away but not directly next to us – this is how Brexton’s nursery began!


I was so paranoid about the fireplace in the room. Thankfully, my handy dad and his friend built a nice wooden box around it that we covered with wallpaper, and it ended up giving the room a fun pop of texture! Our next dilemma was what to do with the wood paneling that covered the entire room. Don’t get me wrong, it was stunning, but definitely had a very “old man office” vibe rather than a “baby room” feel. The panels were too gorgeous to cover, so we simply painted a nice light gray color over the wood that really helped to open up the room, as opposed to the dark wood.





Next was the theme and we were all over the map! We talked about a cars theme or different colors, but in the end we went more gender-neutral in case we have more little ones in the future! Shades of gray with black and white were the main base of the room, and then we added pops of lime green. Over time, we added superhero décor as Brexton became more aware of his surroundings. It actually started when I was at Ross one day with my Mom and found these awesome comic book and superhero art for ridiculous prices (the huge ones were $20 and the small $8-$10!), so we just kept building off that theme.




I have to talk about the ceiling for a minute because it is my favorite! We worked with a decorator and she found this gorgeous fabric with little sequins on it. We had it put up into the ceiling to create a nighttime sky look as the sequins caught the light and twinkled. At first, Kyle was totally opposed to sequins in a boys room but when he saw it up in the ceiling, he agreed that it wasn’t girly and gave off a really cool stargazing look and feel.



Finally, a small but very important detail – the story behind Brexton’s mattress; this was a major stressor for me! As a soon-to-be new mommy and obsessing over everything, I was so freaked about the mattress because that’s what the Internet will do to you! (I know all the other mommies can relate!) After months of research and asking around, we ended up choosing the Pebble Pure Crib Mattress by Nook and I could not be happier with it! First of all, it’s made from 100% organic, water and spill proof, moister wicking, breathable material and it is dual-sided, so one side is for infants and then you flip it for toddlers! It comes in a variety of awesome colors, or they sell coordinating mattress and diaper changing pad covers (as pictured).


I hope you liked taking a peek inside Brexton’s nursery! What theme did you choose for your little ones?