A general makeup rule is to only play up one feature on your face with a lot of color.  Generally, you choose your eyes, lips or cheeks.  This is why a red lip from my last blog pairs so well with my next make-up trend, the cat eye, because basically all you see is the sexy and dramatic black line.  To accomplish this look, first start with an eye shadow primer all over your lid which will help your color stay on all day and night. It also prevents any creasing or smudging. Next, put a nice champagne color all over your lid then choose a white/nude shadow to highlight under your brow bone and in the inside corner of your eye (On a side note, you can always do this trick because it will give you a more well-rested, bright-eyed appearance).  Finally, take a light to medium brown shadow and put it in the crease and outer corner of your eyes. Make sure to blend it all well for a very natural look.

Ok, now the fun part, the swooping cat eye! Don’t be intimated because I’ve got a few foolproof tricks to help you out! Cat eyes look the best when done with a liquid or gel liner but these can be tricky so I like to give myself a guide.  I love the CoverGirl black eyeliner with the eraser on the other side as my template eyeliner.  I first line my eyes like normal. I take the eraser side and drag it over the line and then up and out at the corner to create a cat eye.  If you do it gently at first, you will get a nice, faint swoop. If you mess up, it’s so easy to take a Q-tip and wipe it off without smudging everything because there is barely any liner in the first place.  Once you have your template, it is time to go to work! It is easier to start with a gel eyeliner (see below for my top picks) with an angled brush.  Simply follow the line you have already drawn in short well-blended strokes.  Do not try to make the whole line in one sweep. If you do this, you may create a wavy line and there will also be less liner on the outside…and you don’t want that. You want your end result to be a nice clean line.

Once you have mastered this, you can move on up to the big leagues: the liquid liner! It is still easier then free hand because of your pre-drawn template but it does take a steady hand and you’ll need to concentrate on angling the liner correctly.  One word of advice, try this on a non-important, sit-around-the-house, night so you can practice. Do not attempt liquid liner for your first time the night of a big event. Also as a general rule, I like to make my liner heavier than normal when I do a cat-eye since my shadow is so neutral.  To complete your look, do soft, natural makeup on your face, pencil in your brows, add two coats of mascara and then watch out! One sexy lady is heading out on the town!

Below are a few of my favorite items to achieve the look described above:



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For the guide line when creating the cat-eye:

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Gel Liner:

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Here are a few pictures of beautiful celebrities rocking this HOT look!