One thing as a new mommy that you always read and fret about is diaper rash. We’ve been pretty fortunate up until last month with Brexton never experiencing terrible diaper rash. Sure, he’s been pretty red down there a few times, but he’s never had a diaper rash that really bothered him. We always either use coconut oil, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, or Desitin on him and those have done the job well.

However, Brexton recently got a little touch of the stomach bug and had diarrhea multiple times in one day. This really flared up his diaper rash and it went from a regular, little irritation to a full-blown horrible diaper rash with blisters. All of this was happening even though I was constantly changing his diaper.

My poor baby was just standing there clutching on to me crying. He wouldn’t let me pick him up and he wouldn’t even sit because he was in so much pain. All the normal stuff that we use wasn’t working and I just didn’t know what to! Seeing your baby cry in pain, as all you moms know, is just beyond heartbreaking.

I asked my friends for advice but none of them had experienced anything that bad so, of course, I took to Pinterest. However, there are about ten million different things out there to try and he was in so much pain I wanted something that was powerful and quick.

I then decided to go on Twitter and ask all of you wonderful moms out there because I was sure someone else had experienced this with their kids! I got so many great suggestions but here are the ones that I went with and it was truly amazing results!

First, I filled up the bathtub and added a cup of baking soda to the water, thanks to the suggestion by Dawn Watkins (@boobear651). The only problem was that Brexton wouldn’t sit in it because even though the water was only lukewarm, anything touching his butt bothered him. So, I filled the tub up until it was all the way filled to where he was standing and it gradually touched his butt and he was OK with that. Since I added so much more water, I also added some more baking soda. Truthfully, I gave it a generous sprinkle because I really wasn’t sure how much was safe to add or if it would bother his butt more.

After letting him soak for a good 40 minutes, I took him out of the tub and tried another suggestion of leaving his diaper off thanks to Breanna Coldeway (@brefroggy2003). All he wanted to do was cuddle, so I laid on the couch and put two towels over me and then sat him on me and topped us off with a blanket.  I’m sure it would have been more effective if he was walking around and not snuggled up, but my poor Brexton was miserable so a cuddle session it was.

Finally, I made a concoction that was suggested to me by Alyssa Cargile (@alyssaknapp72), which I am now calling a miracle potion! I took Lotrimin athletes foot cream, A&D ointment and Mylanta and mixed them together. I wish I could say exactly how much of each to use but I got a small bowl and added the biggest amount of A&D ointment, say 50%, and then about 35% foot cream and 15% Mylanta. (This is all a hugely rough estimate.) In my head, the A&D ointment was the least powerful so I used the most of that. I was afraid the foot cream would burn or irritate him, but it didn’t at all. I didn’t use that much of the Mylanta because I wanted to make a paste and the Mylanta is a liquid. I also think maybe using a tums-type form that you can grind up would help, but either way I made a nice thick paste and coated his booty in it. I changed his diaper in the middle of the night too because I didn’t want any pee irritating his skin and when I did I applied a generous helping of the concoction again.

When Brexton woke up the next morning I was so nervous to see what his skin would look like. The day before, it was a purple-red with two blisters. I took it as a good sign when he woke up and wasn’t saying “OWWW!” anymore and pointing to his butt. When I took off his diaper, I was in shock! His skin was a light pink and the blisters were gone and just red marks! It was crazy how well this worked!

Being a mommy is super stressful, so I want to thank all of you out there who gave me these wonderful suggestions! Also, Sherry Boyd (@SGB_AL) suggested Aquaphor, which I went and got and we have been using now too and it’s great! I’d always seen the brand and I don’t know why I never tried it before, but I’m really happy with it too!

Thank you all again and I hope this blog helps some of you who are experiencing the same issue or may experience it in the future!