I like to think I’m pretty healthy. I eat pretty decent and I love to work out. I don’t smoke and I drink like maybe one or two drinks a week (if that).  But I still felt so blah.

Do you all know what I’m talking about? It hits 2:00 pm and I’m absolutely exhausted.  My skin looks like I’ve been partying hard and (TMI, I know) but my cycle was all over the place.

WTF?!  I mean, I know I have a toddler and we travel a lot, but I was feeling worse than I did in college while managing to pull off straight A’s and attend every social function imaginable.

I decided it was time for some changes to try to get out of this funk.

First was sleep. I’ll be honest, I’m a night owl.  I feel like I function best at midnight but that’s not a great time to work on my store when I’m going to have to be up by 7:30 or 8 with Brexton. So I moved my bedtime up. Instead of crawling into bed at 11:30 and doing stuff on my phone for a while, I try to be in bed by ten and reading a good book instead of catching up on emails. Also, when I could, I use to take advantage of sleeping in. Now I make sure I’m up by 8:15 at the latest so, just like a toddler, I can stay on schedule.

Making time to have easier workout days was my next change. Every day in the gym I would go as hard as possible and I wasn’t really giving my body a chance to recover. And forget about stretching, who has time for that?!  Now I try to take a day in the gym and just do some light cardio, abs and stretching instead of always pushing my elf to the extreme. I think it’s important to give your body that time to stretch, relax and recover. I have found I also like to go on YouTube and do Tara Stiles 10-minute yoga routines.

Finally, I amped up my vitamin routine. I’ve always taken a multi-vitamin, but like I mentioned, I still felt blah.  My gal pal introduced me to Hum Nutrition and helped me start my regimen. 

In the morning after breakfast, I take an Uber Energy to help maintain my energy throughout the day and Turn Back Time which actually has a UV guard to help protect your skin from the sun.  In the evening before bed I take Arctic Repair for skin rejuvenation, Gut Instinct to help with digestion and Collagen Love that helps repair and heal your skin.  

You guys.  I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement in my energy levels (all day) and my hair and nails haven’t looked this good since my pre-natal vitamin days!  And, most importantly, I just feel better (hallelujah!).

It’s 2017 and we are all really busy.  From being a mom and a wife to working to trying to maintain your friendships, it’s really hard to do it all.  It’s important to slow down and practice a little self-care.  Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can make a huge difference and help you feel your best!

I’d love to hear any tips you have on how to take care of yourself and feel your best!