When most people think of IVF, they think of shots … and for good reason, there are a lot of them!  This time around, we are starting off with Lupron shots.  Essentially, Lupron suppresses your hormones so that you are less likely to ovulate.  It helps the doctors control your cycle so that they can time up the rest of the process correctly.  Modern medicine is amazing! 

We are now on our second round of IVF, after a successful first round that gave us our son Brexton in May 2015.  During our first treatment, I had to endure a lot more shots because we went through the egg retrieval process.  We had 7 frozen embryos left so we are not doing the egg retrieval this time.

When you do go through egg retrieval, you have a whole set of shots and medicine to prepare your body for the egg retrieval.  That, in my opinion, is the hardest part – anyone who has met the Gonal F pen knows exactly what I’m talking about!  So I’m a little relieved I don’t have to do it this time.  You can read about the week leading up to my egg retrieval, including the medicines and shots, here. 

Now, going through IVF for the second time with the embryos ready to transfer, there are a lot less shots.  I will be going through two rounds of injections, patches and medicine to prepare my body for the transfer. 

People have asked if I am nervous this time around.  Although I still don’t love being stuck with needles (who does?!), knowing I survived it the first time gives me the confidence to know I can do it all over again.   

So, to start this second round of IVF, we had our first appointment to check blood work and do an examination.  Then we went over the treatment schedule, including the due date (!!!) and ordered the medications.  Then we patiently waited for our big box of medicine to arrive on our doorstep.   

Even though I knew what to expect, I still wasn’t looking forward to the first shot.  But I’m proud to say that I handled it much better than I did the first time (watch the video here). 

Kyle and I have always done the shots together as a couple.  It’s really important for me to have him there, and it’s a very special bonding experience for us.  Plus, he is one heck of a shot giver! 

This time around, we knew we wanted Brexton to be a part of the process.  We have openly talked with him about how he was made and about trying for his baby sister.  We explained to him that Mommy and Daddy love each other so much and wanted him so bad but struggled to have him.  So God made really smart doctors to help Mommy and Daddy to have him.  And those same smart doctors are helping Mommy and Daddy to have his sister.  We explained to him that, just like when you have something wrong and get a shot from the doctor, Mommy is getting help from the doctor too. 

On the first night of Lupron shots, we decided to let Brexton see the shot and ask any questions because we didn’t want him to be frightened or upset.  There’s no way to hide the shots from him as it’s part of our daily routine.   

I know some people believe that not telling their kids is the way to go.  Honestly, each family is unique and has the right to decide what’s best for their family.  However, Kyle and I have always been really open and honest with Brexton, so we felt like this was the right choice for our family. 

You can see how the first night of my shots went in this video.  Brexton and Kyle are the most supportive and amazing boys, and I am so lucky to have them!   

Little side note about Lupron shots.  At least for me, I’ve found that I’m a little extra snappy.  At times, I’m even having a feeling of just wanting to scream with pent up frustration.  I asked a nurse about this, and she said it’s common and a totally normal reaction.  So at least I’m clearly not the only one who felt that way! 

I just went to the doctor yesterday for another round of bloodwork.  They checked my uterus again, as they had detected a polyp at the first appointment.  They were hoping it was just built up lining since I hadn’t had a period in three months (thanks PCOS).  Unfortunately, it was still there, so I will be going through a small procedure at the doctor’s office later this week to have that removed before we can continue with the embryo transfer.    

Going through IVF is never easy … and it’s just one more procedure to get through to get us to our bundle of joy. 

Next up, I’m working on a blog with specific tips and tricks and things we’ve learned about administering shots.  If you have any tips you’d like to share with anyone going through this, please comment below!  Likewise, if you have any questions about giving injections, let me know and I can try to help based on our experiences!