I’m always looking for a new workout routine so I don’t get bored or plateau, and since we’re on the go a lot, I need something that I can do in the motorhome when we are at the track.

While doing some research one day, I came across the Lynx Board on Instagram (@fitlynx) and was very intrigued as it’s friction training using your body weight or free weights. I was also immediately drawn to the fact that it would give me the cardio fix I need while working out in the motorhome.

So, here’s the issue I have working out in the motorhome: the ceiling is low so jumping jacks, squat jumps, etc. aren’t an option, and any sort of cardio equipment wouldn’t work either (hello, where would we fit a treadmill?!) I have room for two sets of weights, but that’s about it. My workout space is about 5’ x 5’ and my routines have to be done when Brexton is sleeping, so I don’t want to be jumping all around waking him up.

Now that I’ve explained my situation – which I’m sure many of you can relate to – let’s get back to what the Lynx Board is all about!

The Lynx Board is friction training where you basically use pads on a mat to slide and do your moves. Since it’s a different type of training, it may even work muscles you don’t normally get to in your typical workouts. The Lynx Board is actually fun to use and really gets your heart rate going! I also love the easy and super light travel bag it comes with because I can take it all with me on the go and get a great workout in anywhere!

I try to use the Lynx Board for 15 minutes a day, incorporating with a weight workout or adding it as cardio intervals. In the evening, I really like to do what I call commercial workouts! During commercials, I do a cardio move like skaters, lunges, mountain climbers, push-ups etc., and do one of each for every commercial. I tried to demonstrate some of the moves for you below and I’ll tell you what, the next day my booty was on fire!

Try the Lynx Board today and get a 15% discount using the code “SAMANTHA” at checkout.

Here are a few of my favorite workouts!