I love spending time with my hubby and friends, and we’re always looking for a new restaurant to try or fun things to do. From first-class restaurants like 5Church to baseball games at Knight’s Stadium, there are so many options for a night out in Charlotte. When my best friend Bri’s big 3-0 was coming up, I knew I wanted to plan something fun, unique and interactive. So, I began my search.


I quickly found Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen located in South End district of Charlotte and knew it would be a great option for our group! Setting it up was such a breeze; first, you send them a minimum guest list of 12 and they’ll send you the menu options (which change seasonally). From there, Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen will also set up a payment link so everyone can prepay at ease. It’s $65 a person for a four-course meal and you can BYOB!


The studio is so cute with wood tables, bright green accessories (like Kitchen Aids!) and a head station where everyone can view Chef Alyssa doing her thing! She is the sweetest girl ever and goes out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable in the kitchen.


To start, Chef Alyssa will demonstrate a dish and then you get to work in teams of four. She’ll walk around, help you and give great tips that you can take home to your own kitchen. We made a delicious meal of ginger glazed carrots, brussels sprouts with bacon, chicken stuffed with red wine cherries, kale and herbs and chocolate peppermint truffles to top it off. So good!


I was a little hesitant about what the guys would think about a cooking class, but they all really got into it and of course turned it into a competition!

Everyone had a blast and we can’t wait to go back again!