Samantha Busch

At risk of sounding like a grandmother, the weather is finally chilly enough to bring out my fur.  Not only are they warm but furs are so stylish and luxe all on their own. Nowadays, however, there are some fantastic faux fur options which are not only environmentally friendly but are also very friendly on your wallet and don’t look fake! I recently went to Charleston for Christmas and had the opportunity to wear my ¾ sleeve faux fur coat and cannot tell you how many compliments I received strolling the streets.

There are several important styling tips to be aware of when wearing fur: 

First, keep the rest of your palette very simple or even monochromatic.  I opted for all black, which is a safe bet, but all white or gray ensembles are nice too.  Remember, the louder your fur, the more simple you should keep your outfit and accessories.

Secondly, put a belt on it.  Furs have a feminine and vintage feel to them so make sure your shape doesn’t get swallowed up in one.  Pair it with a thin belt to help define your waistline.

Finally, stick with only one piece of fur. Please, please don’t pile it on.  I’ve seen women wear fur boots with fur coats and then top off with a fur hat and it was like watching an animal strutting down the street! Please just don’t go there, one is plenty!


Below are a few of my favorite faux fur options that are all under $100!


1) ASOS Faux Fur  Crop Stole   2) Leopard Red Animal Faux Fur Coat  3) H&M Faux Fur Coat  4) Fake Fur Belted Brown Vest  5) Faux Fur Jacket