It may be fall (finally!) and we are packing away our summer clothes and swimsuits, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop working on our abs! I will admit, though, sometimes I get bored with just lying on the mat doing crunches, bicycles and planks, so I created a workout that change things up! Not to mention, it’ll have you going from the mat to standing throughout the workout – that means extra calorie burn!  Woohoo!

To really get a six pack, you need to continuously change up your ab routine, add cardio and always push yourself.  If you can do 200 crunches without any problem, but aren’t seeing the results you want, it’s time to take your workout to the next level!

Add this workout into a routine or, if you just want an ab day, I suggest adding in a jump rope series throughout.

1.  Side Plank Knee Drives (15 each side)

You can opt to do this from a side plank on your elbow or all the way up. While holding a plank, drive your knee up to meet your elbow and pause for a second to really let those abs burn.

How to Get a Six Pack of Abs

2.  Stationary Lunge With Weighted Arm Reach (15 each side)

Get into a lunge (remember to make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes). Holding a weight, take it across your body finishing on the side of the leg that is forward.  You really need to engage your abs and don’t go too heavy on the weight to start.

How to Get a Six Pack (of Abs!)

3.  Spiderman Plank (15 each side)

Start in a high plank and then bring your knee wide and try to bring it to your elbow. Pause in this position and then return to the starting plank position.  (This is also great for your arms and shoulders, BONUS!)           

How to Get a Six Pack of abs

4.  Standing Punches (15 each side)

Stand with knees soft and core engaged. Slowly punch across your body, alternating sides, focus on keeping your abs tight.  To make this move harder, drop down into a pile squat!

How to Get a Six Pack of abs

5.  Toe Reaches (25)

Lay on your back, raise your legs into the air and reach for those toes! To make it harder, add a weight into your hands as you reach up.

How to Get a Six Pack of abs

6.  Flutter Kicks (20 each side)

Lying flat on the floor with your lower back pushed to the ground and abs engaged, lift your legs and slowly flutter them. Do not let them touch the floor – the lower you keep them the better.  Keep your head lifted to engage your upper abs if your neck allows, if not keep it on the floor.

How to Get a Six Pack of abs

7.  Side Plank Leg Lifts (10 each side)

Get into a side plank either on your hand or elbow and slowly lift your top leg. Hold for 1-5 seconds and then slowly lower.  This is a great total body move!

How to Get a Six Pack of abs

If you are just doing abs, I suggest doing 200 jump ropes here and then repeating this workout!