This product is used on many Hollywood entertainment sets and for obvious reasons.  It gives your complexion a soft, radiant glow that makes you look camera ready.  This mask is made of volcanic rock, French sea clay and green tea pieces.  It goes on in this brown/gray, well mud color and turns to a bright green as it dries. It has a very rough texture which may be a bt much for very sensitive skin.  You put the mask on and you will feel a slight tingle and extreme tightening as it dries.  When you wash it off is when you really get a good scrub.  Again it is rough so apply light pressure if you have sensitive skin.  The results though when this mask come off are remarkable! Your skin looks fresh and radiant.  You can purchase this product at Neimans, Bliss Spas and online from their site. It is a bit on the higher priced side at $69 for 1.7 oz but it is similar to a facial at home and it will last you at least 10 facials so overall its still cheaper then going to the spa.

Bottom Line: Great substitute for a professional facial