I absolutely love to rock a cute hat…it really makes an outfit. Also, let’s be honest, it’s a great way to look good when your roots are super greasy and you have no time to shower! However, I have a really small “peanut head” (as my husband calls it) and none of them fit me! I would try to stuff tissue paper in the top to make them fit or try a number of other tricks that were supposed to work so well…but they all failed too. I decided to Google this dilemma and found a cowboy website that recommended using weather stripping to make cowboy hats stay in place.


I went to KBM and raided our stash and found every size and thickness of weather stripping. I went with the thin one and got to work. It was so easy to do since the back of weather stripping (which you can find at the hardware store for $3) is sticky. Depending on the size of the hat, I cut enough stripping to either go all the way around the hat inside, if the hat was really large, or just enough to go halfway around. I had to play with it a little bit but once I figured out, it was the perfect solution! Plus, it’s a quick, easy and cheap “life hack” so go ahead buy those “too big but oh so cute” hats!