Kyle and I have BIG NEWS.

No, it’s not your typical pregnancy announcement! It’s a WE’RE TRYING announcement! That’s right, it’s time for IVF round 2 to try for our baby girl!!

We are excited, scared, hopeful and full of emotions as we embark on this adventure again.

We chose to share it this time from the start because we want to encourage and build this IVF community.

For the past few years, so many of you have shared your stories of triumph or heartbreak, usually a mix of both. We feel like the more we all talk about how common infertility is the more we take the stigma away. Others that are just starting this challenging journey we hope will feel encouraged hearing our story and others stories, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

We can’t thank the countless number of you for sharing your journeys, you are all so inspiring and helping so many others in ways you may not even know. We are excited to bring you along with us, every step (ok, needle) of the way!  Please know you are not going through this alone, we are a community and we want you to come here to openly and without embarrassment, shame or judgment feel free to ask questions or share stories. We are by no means experts but if we all come together I know we can inspire and help each other!

Thank you for your support and prayers! Let’s make miracles.