As mentioned in previous blogs, I am a product junkie! Always have, always will be. I love trying products and I am always searching for the next bigger, better skincare, workouts fads, hair cares, foods, etc. You name it I’ve probably tried it. I got this idea when I asked on Twitter which skincare products you guys used and loved. Many of you offered a variety or different ones but many of you like me were looking to try something different even if like me you had some products you really liked. I thought I would start doing reviews on the good, bad and ugly on things I’ve tried in an attempt to help all of you not waste your time and money. Like the workout community I think this could be a good place for all of us to discuss things we have tried that we love or will never use again! Please post any comments or suggestions that you guys are interested in so if I have tried them in the past I can be sure to blog about them first!

Kate Summerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

I picked up this great little product last year and must say it is one of my favorites and a weekly staple in my skincare regimen. The purpose of this product is to give you a brighter, smoother complexion with the key ingredients being papaya, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes along with rosewood and cinnamon extracts and other natural ingredients. The enzymes are said to clear out your pores and the extracts are for fine lines and wrinkles.

On their website it says that this product is like a signature spa facial at home. Of course many products say this so I was a bit skeptical. The product is a pretty green color and very grainy with a delicious scent when it comes out of the bottle. The directions state to use it on a clean, wet face and rub it for 30 seconds in a circular motion. The first thing I was very surprised with is that I could actually feel the product tingling a bit. Nothing painful like getting a peel or anything but a feeling that I liked because it seemed to me like the product was actually potent because it was the same feeling I got with facials I received at the spa. The next thing I noticed was how wonderfully grainy the product was I really felt like it was scrubbing my face clean and I did not apply to strong of pressure.

Of course I went over the 30 second mark and did it for about one minute because don’t we all always leave things on a little longer hoping that they will work more effectively. Anyways, after I washed the product off I was slightly red which I thought was maybe because I left it on longer but I did a second time for the proper amount and was a touch red still. This flush only lasted for a few minutes and according to the site is actually suppose to happen because the product increases circulation. After washing the product off I was pleasantly surprised, my skin was very soft and brighter and my fine lines seemed to be a touch less pronounced.

When I used this product continuously once a week for three months in a row I noticed an overall more even skin tone with a decrease in the appearance of sun spots and fine lines. I use a slew of other products too that all address these things but I credit this product because when I ran out of it I did notice that my skin looked a bit more blah.

Bottom Line: I would recommend this product and I will continue to buy it and use it as a part of my weekly skin regimen for more radiant skin.