This past Mother’s Day, I had the joy of treating my mother to a glam session with my friend and local makeup artist Taylor! Not only is it fun to get your makeup done but Taylor showed us lots of tips for mature skin (and really anybody) that I wanted to share with you all to hopefully make your daily makeup routine a little easier.

Taylor is a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist here in Charlotte.  She co-owns Copper Willow Salon and Spa, and I love that she strives to make her clients feel beautiful and confident. She started out just doing her friend’s make up in high school, built up her portfolio and technique and grew it from a hobby to a career.  Hello, girl power!

With so many new products and techniques out there, it can be extremely hard to find the perfect products that work with your ever changing skin texture and know how to apply them correctly! Aside from different skin texture and the ever changing weather, it’s important to apply your makeup for your skin type too. My mom’s biggest concerns were how to apply eye shadow to not highlight fine lines, what type of primer she needed to be using and also how to make her lips appear more full. These pro tips from Taylor were great and my mom says she is now getting the makeup results she wants and her makeup is staying on longer than before.

 Mature Eyes Makeover

The key step in perfecting a mature eye is hydration! By priming eyes before placing the shadows, not only will the shadow stick but it will allow the shadow to stay on longer, leaving a flawless look.  Urban Decay Primer Potion is a great primer that really keeps the shadow in place! As for shadows, matte eye shadows maximize a flawless look, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.  Watch the video below to see exactly how to utilize these products along with more tips from Taylor.

 Mature Skin Tips

Make sure you are using a hydrating foundation on mature skin types. By using a matte finish foundation it can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s always better to stick with a hydrating foundation that will hold a finished look throughout the day. Watch the video below for great contouring techniques that are simple and easy to do!

 Applying Eyelashes

Sometimes applying lashes can be a difficult task. By using shorter lashes this not only makes the application process easier, it also gives you a more natural and comfy feel throughout the day.

 Working with Mature Lips

Lips have been a huge topic of discussion in the makeup industry and one in which many have been left extremely confused along with having a million unanswered questions! Do I out go outside my lip line?  Do I use the same color liner and lipstick? … Taylor was able to answer all these questions and more!

A huge thank you to Taylor for making my mama look fab and for taking the time to share all of these tips with us!  Let me know in the comments what other makeup questions you have for future blog posts and videos!