Even though I am almost 26 I still breakout! So much for that being just a high school thing! I’ve tried many different products but some were too drying, irritating o simply didn’t work. That was until I found this awesome Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buster kit. Not only does it work great but I especially loved it when I first bought because it was easy to travel with and I didn’t have to spend big bucks on all of these products in case they didn’t work. The value on the box says its $51 but you can get it for $35 at Sephora or Ulta or if you go on Amazon it is $29. Let me tell you about the five great products that make up this kit. First there is a 2 oz Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Wash which is what you use to cleanse your face. I did not feel that this face wash was too dry but it did help with excess oil. Next, I used the 1 oz Blemish Buffing Beads every other night. This product has jojoba beads which are the only type of scrubbing beads you should use on your face because they are spherical so they do not tear your skin like other scrubs (think the St. Ive Apricot scrub this actually causes micro tears all over your face). I like to use this exfoliatant because it helps to remove the dead skin cells that sit on your face, which may be clogging your pores. Next, in this great kit is a 0.5 oz AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel that you apply in a very thin layer all over your entire face. I really like to use this under my moisturizer but if you have dry skin use it only every other day because it will dry you out. Also there is a 0.25 oz Acne Spot and Area Treatment which you apply directly to the blemish. I do this in the evening and go to bed an there is a significant reduction in size in the morning because the spot treatment has great ingredients in it like 5% Sulfur which absorbs excess oil, 4% Glycolic Acid (AHA): that gets rid of dead skin cells on the surface, Salicylic Acid (BHA) which loosen sebum within the pores and prevent future breakouts. Sebum for those of you that do not know is the root of acne and acts as an irritant that clogs your pores. Finally there is 20% Aloe in the spot treatment which helps to prevent the skin from over-drying. Lastly in this great kit is 0.25 oz. Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel which you can apply underneath your makeup in order to control shine.

I will admit my acne is mild, more monthly if anything so I do not use this kit all of the time but when I do need it works great! I really especially like to use it during weekends where I have heavy makeup on and I know I am going to be in it all day. For example when I hosted Fashion Week in Charlotte I had a lot of makeup on. Instead of wiping it off and applying new stuff with every look, since we were on a limited time schedule they would just apply color over color. I was so afraid I was going to breakout that I used this kit two days before, all through the show and three days after and did not have a single break out!

Bottom Line: If you have acne or blemishes buy this kit for clear, radiant skin.