I got a sample of this scrub to try and I am very impressed! The scrub is a bright yellow color, very grainy and has an oily base.  I was a little hesitant at first because I was a touch nervous about the base because as I said it was oily.  You put this product on a dry face and rub in a circular motion.  As I was using it one thing I did not like was that chunks of the product flew off as I was rubbing but I am thinking I used a little too much.  Anyways, the product felt great as I was applying it and when I washed it off…WOW! I was so impressed with how my skin felt, smooth as a babies behind.  The grain and also I think the oil left it so soft and radiant.  It really seemed to help with my pores also and I felt that my products had a much better base to soak into.  I really want to use it in the morning one time and see how wonderfully my makeup goes on because honestly I could not believe how soft my skin was.   Another thing I really like is if you can get a sample of it, the directions say to use the entire packet but I got three uses out of one sample!

Bottom Line: Made my skin beyond soft and I will be purchasing it to add to my skin care regimen