First I have to start by saying that I really love Sephora because when you purchase things from there if they have samples they share them with you or if you earn enough points from purchases you get great free gifts.

My free gift I picked up on my last trip was a new Sephora Collection Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel.  I do not really have puffy eyes but I do have some dark circles plus I read somewhere that the rolling ball action under your eyes was great for the total health of your under eye skin, plus hey it was free so who wouldn’t be excited!

Sadly, again I cannot speak of the puffy part this product is really suppose to do but I was impressed with the light hydration and light reflecting properties.  The beads are nice and cool on your skin which is refreshing in the morning and I like how it looks underneath makeup.  I gave it to one of my girlfriends to try because she has puffy eyes and I was curious what it would do for her.  She agreed that she did not see too much of a reduction in her puffiness but also liked the feel of the roller ball.

In regards to the puffiness on the Sephora website the product does show that in a 21-day test 28 volunteers reported a 7% reduction in overall eye puffiness so those results aren’t too high either.  What I did do, that I really liked, is I put my normal under eye cream on at night and used the roller balls of this products to rub it in and to circulate my under eye area.

Overall, I like this product definitely more for the morning because of it’s light reflecting properties but since I really do not have puffy eyes I wouldn’t purchase it.

Bottom Line: Sephora I absolutely love your store and your people but I was not impressed with this product and would not purchase it, sorry!