Sadly, there is still snow in lots of parts of the country but I decided to use the snow to inspire my latest outfit: WhiteOut!  White-on-white is a strong statement that also is chic and feminine. The key is to play up different textures and shades of the color which creates a really bold look.

First, I started with these amazing Rag and Bone Hyde Skinny Jeans which are leather in the front and regular jeans in the back. (I loved and wanted these pants for so long but they were originally almost $500. Waiting and scouring eBay for two seasons, I was finally able to score them for $75!) Next, I took a cream silk tank top from Victoria’s Secret and paired it under a white blazer that I have had for years.  When wearing an all-white outfit, I love to throw on a bunch of metals so, with this, I added pointy-toed kitten heels in black and white with metal spikes all over them.  Since the silhouette was so simple and clean, I layered three different length necklaces for a little drama.





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