Ladies, let’s be honest for a minute, no matter what shape we are in, unless we are teenagers, it is really not acceptable to wear shorts that are mere centimeters past our booties.  Butt cleavage is not cute on anyone, I repeat anyone (listen up, you celebrities, this includes you too)! No one wants to be walking behind you and wonder why your butt is eating your shorts and, even more importantly, is a constant wedgie really comfortable?? I am not saying that we need to give up shorts all together but as we get older, there is a way to wear shorts without looking like a hoochie mama, as I like to call it!

There are a few simple options on how to wear shorter length shorts (again, by shorter, I do not mean the bottoms of our butts are out on display).  My first piece of advice is, if you are going to wear a shorter length short, to cover up on top.  I really like to wear a little blazer so that my arms are covered so there is not too much skin showing.  Another key pointer to remember when wearing shorts, especially if you are dressing them up, is to choose a wedge or a lower heel.  Leave your sky-high, platform or sling-backs in the closet and opt for a midi-heel, a cute wedge or a jeweled sandal.  Below I have put together some really cute looks that show off your stems while still being a lady 🙂

kyI wore this outfit to the Kentucky race.  My jean shorts are from Guess and have a 3-inch inseam.  I paired them with a sequin tank top from TJ Maxx and covered up with a cute little white blazer where I cuffed the sleeves and added a bracelet.  My shoes are from BCBGeneration and have about a 2.5-inch heel with a cute laser-cut design.  Also to point out, wearing a nude heel will help elongate your legs…who doesn’t love that!?


This next outfit I was going to wear in Daytona but it was way too hot!

You WILL see it at a racesoon, I promise, because I love this color combo! My shorts are from Forever 21 and have a higher waist.  I had a royal blue top that I tucked in and then I topped off the outfit with this fantastic blazer from H&M that has fun jewels up top. (By the way, it is still in stores and is on sale for $30!) I paired this ensemble with great low 2-inch heels from that have a cute black and white snakeskin print on the heel.





Here are a few celebrities also rocking the shorts and blazer look: