It’s finally starting to warm up and that’s great for getting more active! Whether it’s riding a bike or taking a walk, we can all agree, working out outdoors is so much better!

Kyle and I took our weight and cardio routine outside and we both felt like we got an even better workout session than usual because we were just enjoying the fresh air and change of scenery!

So grab one to two set of weights, find yourself a good hill and enjoy this awesome workout!

Start out with a good warmup – take a brisk walk for ten minutes and focus on really pumping your arms. 

Set 1:  Complete three times
1. Hill Sprint 2x
2. Bicep curl (15-20)
3. Standing Bicycle crunches

Set 2:  Complete two times
1. Walking lunges (25 each leg)
2. Sprint back to start

Set 3:  Complete three times
1. Bicep curl to overhead press (15 reps)
2. Weighted side bends (15 each side)
3. Deadlift to hammer curl (15)

Set 4:  Complete Five Times
1. Hill sprint
2. Lateral shuffle 10 steps each way

Set 5:  Complete Three TImes
1. Lateral/front raise arm combo (10 each side)
2. Double pulse weighted squats (20)
3. Cross body plank

Set 6:  Complete Five Times
1. Hill sprint
2. Burpee (10)

Finish with a high heel walk. Grab a set of weights, get up on your tip toes and take 50 steps one way.  Then turn around and, while staying on your tip toes, walk back. This is great for toning those calves!

Hope this workout challenges you like it did Kyle and me!