We absolutely LOVE Netflix in our household. We tend to find ourselves binge watching shows (a little too often), rather than watching one show at a time. Because really after you put the kiddo to bed who can watch just one episode?! I’m not your typical girl, I don’t live over girly, lovey shows. Heck, I’m not even sure I’ve watched the Notebook all the way thru! I think this is pretty lucky for Kyle because we both have similar styles in shows. Thriller, suspense, a little gore, maybe a little money laundering, we love shows that just hook you! I won’t lie this off season once we put Brexton down we stayed up one night ‘til the wee hours of the morning because we wanted to watch “just one more!” So, if you are looking for a cool show to get lost in here are my top ten favs! 


Stranger things 

I’m not usually a sci fi type person but this just has so many twists and turns to keep you guessing. Plus, hello, the retro clothes and hair are awesome! The kids are quirky, amazing actors and even though the cast is younger it didn’t have a tween vibe to it at all.  A chain of events leads to a young boy vanishing, a small town uncovering a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl. 



I was told by a lot of friends about this show and they weren’t wrong- it’s soooo good! Boy meets girl, boy falls “crazy” in love and their relationship has a lot of twists and turn to say the least. Also, the appearances in the show from Shay Mitchell and Uncle Jessie are great! The show is modern, creative and not nearly as predictable as you may think. I also love how it ends because it makes you so ready to start season two!


 American Horror Story

Creepy, totally different than anything on TV, at times pushes the envelope almost too far- this show is not for those who don’t like blood, horror or just plain weird. Each season is a completely new setting, from a haunted house to a witches coven, insane asylum, circus, it always changes. Many of the cast members play different characters in the different seasons and many A list stars make guest appearances. Different seasons really appeal to different people but trust me when I say it is pretty disturbing in an ohhh so good way. This twisted Emmy-winning drama plays upon the power of supernatural fears and everyday horrors, exploring humankind’s unsetting capacity for evil.


Breaking Bad 

If you haven’t seen this, stop what you are doing and start watching it stat. This show is what really put Netflix on the map for us. It was the first show of this type for us and really sparked our selections for years to come. It’s beyond captivating, has numerous twists and leaves you with your mouth hanging open in shock at times!  For those of you who have no idea about this show, it’s based on a high school chemistry teacher dying of cancer, who teams up with a former student to secure his family’s future by manufacturing and selling crystal meth. What can go wrong, right?! 


Walking Dead 

The show that spurred a movement from new shows, to literally people prepping for a zombie apocalypse, and games, you name it-  this show simply started a movement. I can honestly say we have sat around at couple dinners discussing what we would do if it happened, who’s house we would go to, how we would start our community, etc. Whats crazy is that people don’t just have to worry about zombies, they have to worry about each other. In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, survivors hold on to the hope of humanity by banding together to wage a fight for their own survival. 



I can’t say enough good things about this awesome show! It is so good. A serial killer who just so happens to be a blood splatter analyst for the police, kills other murders- that is the gist of the show but it is so much more! Creepy killers, messy love stories, hidden secrets all set against a beautiful Miami backdrop. 



Jason Bateman like you’ve never seen him before! Forget the comedies he usually does, this is some of his best acting. He is a financial adviser that drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder $500 million in five years to appease a drug boss before he suffers a terrible fate like others around him. It’s a story of layers of lies as a family struggles to make it not only against the cartel, but themselves. 



Based on the true story of how Pablo Escobar started his empire. I’ll be honest, this show started a little slow for me. It wasn’t until about the third or fourth episode that I was hooked. I found this show really interesting with the narrative coming from an agents point of view and then mixing in actual pictures and footage from the events portrayed in the show. It was very well written, informative, had very interesting and developed characters. Pablo has escaped extradition via the back door of his five-star prison. The hunt is on. This time there will be no negotiations. Just blood. 


Queen of the South 

This show is so cool! I love that it is a female lead and she is a badass. The show focuses on Teresa, the girlfriend of a Carter member, but as she gets thrown into this lifestyle she is forced into a life she didn’t want. She works her way up from a drug mule, through the ranks of the cartel with lots of craziness along the way.


Bates Motel 

One of my favorite shows, ever! First, I always loved Alfred Hitchcock from the Bird to Vertigo- these moves are classics. Psycho was such an iconic movie and the Bates Motel tells the story of Norman Bates as a child and teenager, and how he became a “psycho”. He’s overly close relationship with his mother, Norma Bates, really shows you how he became the creepy guy we all watched in the famous scene in Psycho. When his father dies, Norman Bates and his mother open a hotel. But Norman’s precarious mental state drives them down a dark and violent path.