If you ask me, I think that women should be working on their arms just as much as the guys do — and just as much as they do on the booty and abs. When it comes to my day-to-day, I find that having strong arm muscles (thanks to this 15-minute bicep workout) helps me in so many different aspects whether it’s lifting Brexton up and tossing him in the air when we’re playing (you guys, he’s getting heavy!!) or carrying boxes of new arrivals into the office for the boutique.

I think that many women stray away from spending time working on their arms because they either a) don’t want to bulk up or b) they want to spend their valuable workout time focusing on their glutes or abdominals to prepare for bikini season. While I love doing those things too, arms are just as important and don’t need to bulk up in order for them to be strong.

In the video below, I’m sharing five of my go-to bicep workouts that really burn those arm muscles and help you get those strong, toned arms without looking like the bulky guys that live at the gym. Let me know which one is your favorite!

  1. Hammer Curls: 12-15 reps
  2. Bicep Straight Curl: 12-15 reps
  3. Cable Curls: 12-15 reps
  4. TRX Bicep Curl: 12-15 reps
  5. Twenty Ones: 7 reps each
    *Repeat this five-step circuit three times.


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