Ok, let’s be honest, who really likes to eat vegetables? No one in their right mind really wants to munch on broccoli when we could be scarfing down some yummy ice cream, candy, cookies…oh heck, you get the picture! In an attempt to make vegetables yummier, we generally douse them in all sorts of fatty sauces or dips, like butter, cheese sauce, vegetable dip, etc… and then we end up making a healthy vegetable not so healthy anymore. Cauliflower has never really been on the top of my favorites list (Kyle’s either) until I learned this trick from our coach driver: Grill it! Don’t sauté it in butter or do the steam fresh bags, simply do this:

  1. Wash the head of cauliflower and cut off the bottom greens, leaving the stem so it will stay together.
  2. Get a gallon zip lock bag, add the head of cauliflower and just about the whole bottle of fat-free Italian dressing. Let it marinade at least three hours.
  3. Turn the grill on medium and place the whole head of cauliflower on there, rotating it on all sides, as it begins to brown.
  4. Once fully browned, chop and serve! (Add just a tiny dash of Parmesan cheese but not too much…remember, we are being healthy here!)










Everyone I have made this for is blown away by how delicious and easy it is! Enjoy!