Did you overeat too much during the holidays? Get your self back on track with this quick but difficult workout that only requires a pair of dumbbells (3, 5 or 8 pounds for the ladies) and a mat! Its called the filthy fifty.  You take easy, common exercises and do them for 50, yes 50 reps!

Warm up by marching in place for 30 seconds then take it to jumping jacks for 30 seconds, back to marching in place for 15 seconds, jumping jacks for 45 seconds.  Are we a little warm, good lets get started! I know this may be hard for some of you if you feel faint or like your heart rate is getting too high just march in place and then when you feel better continue.  No one is timing you.  With that being said if you find this to be easy up the weight of the pace.  This is a great workout that can be modified for any level.

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Please as with any exercise consult a doctor before beginning a new workout program.

1)   Basic Squat

2)   Bicep Curl

3)   Sit ups

4)   Burpees (sorry this is by far the hardest one but you CAN do it, I have faith in you!)

5)   50 lunges on the right

6)   50 lunges on the left

7)   Tricep Kick-backs

8)   High Knees (you can do 25/25 to make 50 or be extreme and your 50 left/50right)

9)   Shoulder Press

10) Plank Twists (You are in a plank and your left knee tries to come by your right armpit and then back and switch to the other side)