We have at least another month of gyms being closed (thanks for staying home and safe!), and I know your home workouts may feel like they are lacking (or you’re simply getting bored with the same old routines). It’s time to spice things up and boost that at-home workout motivation. Of course, there are a ton of companies like Carbon 38 offering free Instagram Live workouts, tons of free YouTube videos with full workouts, and plenty of apps that offer paid digital classes. The other option is for YOU to put together a workout!

While I’m totally missing some of the machines at the gym (hopefully I’ll see you soon, leg press!!), today I wanted to show you some at-home alternatives to moves you’d do on machines. And trust me, they’ll leave you just as sore!

Today, we’re focusing exclusively on those glutes. After all the quarantine snacking we’ve been doing (it’s a free-for-all in the kitchen lately, you guys!! Cookies for breakfast? Sure, why not?!), my body is yearning for some toning and strengthening exercises, so I’m showing you some of my favorites today!

These at-home moves require only a maximum of two dumbbells. With some moves, you can even use a kettlebell instead if that’s all you have. Don’t have weights at home? Grab two wine bottles (we all know you’re stocked up for quarantine, girl!). No matter what equipment you have, there are no excuses! We’re getting this DONE, you guys!

Dumbbell High Steps

Stay on one leg for 8-12 reps depending on the weight of your dumbbell. Focus on really using your GLUTE to step up instead of pushing off the ground. Remember: Slower is better. You’ll feel much more burn this way.

Goblet Squat

Make sure to hold the weight tight to your chest and focus on not moving your upper body. Using this method, you’ll specifically target the glutes. Need an extra kick for the booty? Add a resistance band into the mix. The band gives an extra hit to the outer thighs and hips that you’ll surely feel the next day.

Reverse Lunge with a Kickback

As if lunges didn’t hurt enough, you’ll get an even more intense booty burn with these reverse lunges adding in a kickback. This move starts off just like a typical lunge, but after touching the knee to the floor, use the leg you stepped back with to extend straight back. TRUST ME, this one will have those booty muscles feeling pretty intense. You also have the option of ditching the weights for this move as more of a burner. In that case, opt for 20 on each side and don’t alternate.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Make sure that your front knee doesn’t go too far over your toes (ideally no more than an inch). Grab a weight in each hand and squat down! To make this move burn even more, put all the weight on the front leg. FYI: The heavier you go on weight the more growth and lift you see in the results.

Dumbbell Swings

Because cable pulls are one of my favorite moves at the gym, it makes sense that I also love doing the at-home alternative: dumbbell swings. This move is all about the hips, not the upper body. It focuses on the hamstrings, glutes, and the lower back. Make sure to engage your core and use your hips as the hinge. Keep your head up and your back straight for best form. With an explosive movement through the heels, swing the kettlebell or dumbbell upwards to chest height focusing on a really tight squeeze of the glutes at the top of your movement.