You can’t have a rainbow without a storm.

We are so incredibly happy to announce that our baby girl will be joining our family via a gestational carrier in May of 2022!!!!

Some of the most beautiful things in life come after heartache and a whole lot of prayers. We have dreamed of this day being able to make Brexton a big brother and getting to tell him the exciting news FINALLY was one of the most special moments in life.

I had this vision of our announcement and telling Brexton. This truly is a rainbow on the other side of a very long and nasty storm and the balloon arch captured that analogy perfectly. I took our ultrasound pictures and put them in a box along with a lime (that was the size of her when we told Brexton). I didn’t think Brexton would have any idea what ultrasound photos looked like.

I told him we were going to take Christmas card pictures on afternoon. He begrudgingly agreed but questioned why he was wearing pink suspenders. I had to lie through my excitement somehow and told him Mrs. Claus’s favorite color was pink.

When we got there and sat him down under the arch on a blanket, I told him we had a surprise for him. I handed him the box and as soon as he opened it and took out the pictures, a huge smile came over his face.

“Oh my gosh, my baby sister!”

He threw his arms around me. This was such a magical moment that I know we will all cherish for the rest of our lives. We all hugged and kissed and celebrated and I broke the news to him that I didn’t really know if Mrs. Claus’s favorite color was pink.

Thank you everyone who has supported us on our journey and did not give up hope just like we didn’t. We are so beyond grateful that we have the most amazing GC to help us complete our family. We are forever humbled and appreciative to her and to all of you that have sent us so many encouraging messages over the years. The power of social media is truly amazing, I have been able to connect with so many people in similar situations for advice and you all have brought me hope and support in the hard times. Truly, thank you with all my heart for loving on me and my sweet family!

Ballon Floral Arch by Say It With Balloons and Iris Blossom