I have gotten many requests from people through social media to create a few more simple, body part specific, workouts for those of you just starting out.  Ladies don’t be afraid to grab some weights if you want to tone your arms! Below is a description of the moves, but please watch the video to see them demonstrated. Again, these are simply the routines that I do.  Consult with your doctor before trying any exercises you see on the Internet, in magazines etc.  This is at your own risk and be sure to stop if you are dizzy, nauseous or feel pain.

  1. Standard bicep curl
    1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, knees soft and abs engaged.  Begin with your arms tucked close to your torso, elbows pinned to your side and while your forearm is stationary, slowly curl the weight up to about shoulder level.  Really focus on contracting the bicep muscle and never hold your breath! Also focus on the way down, don’t let your arms swing around.
  2. Hammer curl
    1. Start the same as above, with your palms facing in towards your body. Again, with arms next to your body, curl your arms up until your thumb is near your shoulder and then slowly lower to your starting position.
  3. Wide Bicep Curl
    1. Follow the same cues as above, but this time your arms will be out wide.  Slowly curl your arms in as you did above, and slowly lower.  Remember to really focus on your bicep; make the mind and body connection.  Don’t just hurry through the move to be done with it.
  4. Parallel Bicep curl
    1. Start with feet hip width apart, slight bend in your knees and really engage your core.  You will really need to focus on your core as it will help you to stay balanced and not add stress to  your lower back.  While holding your weights, raise your arms, palms up until they come right out of your shoulder and are parallel with the floor.  Slowly curl the weight towards your shoulder and then slowly bring it back to the starting position.  I also suggest a slightly lighter dumbbell than what you used in the previous moves.
  5. Dumbbell Uppercut
    1. Holding your weights, stand with feet slightly wider than hip width, arms down by your sides.   Punch the right dumbbell upwards so that  dumbbell is head height and your palm should be facing you.  I also like to rotate my same foot in, to better engage my core. This movement is faster than the others but needs to be done with control.