Nowadays, carrying Brexton (my 22 pound adorable lil’ chunker) is workout enough for my biceps! However, I like to squeeze this quick routine in too, when I can! Depending on time or what else I am working on that day, I either do each move for one full minute, resting 20 seconds between moves or I do three sets of 12-20 reps depending on the weight I use. (Side Note: I used to do fewer reps with a heavier weight and am working up to those heavier weights again after my back surgery. Doing more reps with lighter weight is a great workout as well.) I really like to incorporate this quick workout with one of my booty or leg workouts and an ab routine for a full body workout!

Below are some tips for each move:

Regular Bicep Curl: Always remember to keep your knees soft in your stance and really focus on making the movement fluid.

Hammer Curl: Really concentrate on the area you are working and remember to breathe throughout the movement.


Reverse Grip Bent Over Row: This works the back primarily but the biceps, shoulders and lats also benefit from this move.


Concentration Curl in Squat: Work that lower body while toning those arms! You will have to go lighter and if you can’t perform a squat, perform this move sitting on a bench.

Parallel Bicep Curl: Make sure you engage your core since your arms are extended away from your body in order to protect your back.

**Note: Fitness has always been a passion of mine.  When I was in high school, I worked at a gym where I learned the fundamentals of weight training and then, in college, I was an aerobics instructor teaching body sculpting, spin and water aerobics classes. Back then, I was certified through the university and then through the gym where I worked but please know I am currently not accredited with any national organization. These are just my routines/exercises that I enjoy doing! Proper form is very important to me so I keep up speed by doing DVD’s from my favorite trainers, like Jillian Michaels, and reading fitness magazines. Please consult a doctor before performing these moves or doing any workout routine.