Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day, you guys! Brexton and I decided to try and make our pizza into the shape of a dinosaur —Brexton’s favorite thing at the moment—, but as you can see from the cover photo, it was a total #PinterestFail. ⁠

But hey, at the end of the day, it was pizza, so it tasted A LOT better than it looked! Feel free to try this recipe for yourself, and tag me in any of your recreations! I need to know if I’m the only one who has #momfail moments like this.


  • 1 Package of Store-Bought Pizza Dough
  • Pepperonis
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 Egg
  • Food Coloring in a Color of Your Choice


  1. Start by rolling out the dough into a circle shape (using flour is super helpful for this!)
  2. Put 2-3 tablespoons of pasta sauce onto one side of the dough.
  3. Then pop on your pepperonis and cheese as desired.
  4. Fold one side of the circle to overlap onto the other side.
  5. Press down on the edges to secure dough is molded together on the edges.
  6. Using a pizza cutter, make slides in the edges and shape into triangles.
  7. Using dough, create a circular head and tail and secure onto the body.
  8. Beat an egg in a separate bowl, and use 1-2 drops of food coloring to turn the egg wash to that color.
  9. Use the egg wash on top of the entire dinosaur.
  10. Bake for ~15 minutes at 400 degrees.