I’m not promoting laying on the couch all evening but if you cant bare to miss your favorite television show live, like Dancing With the Stars for example, then I’ll bring the workout to your couch! Its pretty simple, when a commercial comes on you have to immediately get up and start working out, with your couch!

First set of commercials, stand with your backside facing the couch, legs shoulder width apart.  Now sit down in a squat and let your butt cheeks kiss the seat of the couch, no sitting down on it! Do 25 squats.  Next, place your hands at the edge of the couch and do pushups, sorry no modification they are easier since you are elevated.  Try to do 25 or do as many as you can for one commercial in the set.  Next, hop down to the floor (place a mat of towel down if you are on wood or tile) and tuck your feet under the couch.  Here depending on your level do full sit-ups for the more advanced and crunches for beginners.  Aim to work up to 50 full sit-ups.  This should take care of your first round of commercials.

Second set, hop back up and stand in front of the couch, get ready to do split lunges.  Place one leg back so the top of your foot is on the seat of the couch.  Lower down into a 90-degree angle for the lunge.  Make sure your knee on your front foot does not go over your toes.  Keep your head up, chest out and place your hands on your hips, if you need help with balance place them out to the sides.  Try to do 20 on each leg or go for a whole commercial, whichever equals more reps. Next, get into plank position with your hands on the couch seat shoulder width apart.  For beginners, lift your right arm and hold it straight out in front of you. The key is to not let your hips sway to the side, keep a strong pose.  Hold for an entire commercial and switch to the other side for the next one.   If you are more advanced lift your right arm and your left leg at the same time.  You can hold for an entire commercial or you can throw in pulses with your leg moving it one inch up and down for an extra burn.

Finally, hop to the side of the couch, stand next to it so your right arm can comfortably touch the top of it without having to reach.  Lift your left leg straight to the side for 20 reps and then pulse for an additional 20 reps (again lifting and lowering about one inch up and down at a fast pace).  Flip and do the same on the other side.  If you are more advanced strap on a pair of ankle weights for an extra challenge.  Next, turn so that you can place both hands on the top of the couch in front of you.  Lift your right leg backwards bending your leg so that your heel faces the ceiling, you should feel this in your hamstrings.  Again do 20 each leg and pulse for 20 each leg.  I like to pretend when I am doing these leg exercises that I am doing them underwater.  By this I mean really move your legs slow, controlled and flexed so that you get the maximum benefits from the move.  Letting your legs fly around just to get the reps done with no control will not only loose the effectiveness of the exercise but can potentially pull or strain a muscle.  Finally, lay on the floor with your head about six inches from the bottom of the couch.  Grab the underneath of the couch and raise your legs in the air.  Slowly lower your legs towards the ground only going as far as you can with keeping your lower back pressed firmly against the floor.  Throughout this move focus on exhaling as your legs head towards the floor, keep your abs tight, spine pressed into the floor and use control.  Do as many as you can for a full commercial.

For the rest of the show just keep repeating these mini routines and soon you will see results! Always be sure to have water nearby and do not do any exercise that causes great pain or discomfort.