I am IN LOVE with my new custom closet! It’s everything I could dream of and more.  It fits my style perfectly – edgy glam – and, more importantly, houses all my stuff.  I mean, hey, I’m a boutique owner. I clearly love clothes and shoes and accessories and purses … you get the idea.  I needed some space!  

Kyle and I originally shared a closet but my clothes were spilling into closets and drawers in various places around the house. After finishing the custom closet, I roamed the house searching all the nooks and crannies I had been keeping stuff in over the years.  I dumped it all into my new closet and I was overwhelmed.  I didn’t know where to begin to try to organize everything and do this gorgeous space any justice.  I knew I needed the help of a professional!  

I am so excited to partner with Minimized, a professional organizing company based here in Charlotte.  Matlin and her team specialize in decluttering, reselling, organizing and styling to help find the perfect blend of function and beauty in a space.    

They helped me turn my closet into a well-organized, easy to find everything, slightly OCD space and I couldn’t be happier.   

If you are local to the Charlotte area, these ladies offer two types of services.  First, they can come in and organize everything for you, or they will come assess your space and then give you a DIY plan you can do on your own!

Being it’s the new year and so many of us resolve to be more organized, I wanted to share with you some quick tips that you can do to help organize and declutter, making it much more functional and Pinterest-worthy!  Not to mention, less stressful!

First and foremost, Matlin’s advice is to get rid of some stuff!  Most people can stand to use a little purging in their lives.  If you have clothes that you have held onto for 10 plus years for some odd sentimental reason (don’t laugh, I found things in my closet from high school!) and you don’t ever plan on wearing it again, you should probably get rid of it.

Also, she suggests grouping things before you hang them. Do you have ten black t-shirt’s for example?  Do you really wear all of them? Do you have a dress with tags on it for the last three years that you swear to you are going to wear but every time you get ready, you chose something else besides it?

Same for any of the clothes that you just had to have because they were on great sale but they still have the tags on them after a year.  Sell it! There are so many great sites like Poshmark (view my Poshmark closet here!) and eBay where you can sell your items that are only gently used.  You can also consider taking it to a local consignment shop where they sell it and give you a portion of the sale.  And, of course, you can always donate them to Good Will or a local charity!

Another thing Matlin says is a must for making your closet look like perfection is to have all matching hangers (I love these simple black velvet hangers!).  And she is right, it makes a world of difference when everything is hanging from the same length and all the hooks are the same color. Trust me, I didn’t think this was a necessary but if you want your closet to truly look immaculate, this is a must.

Third, it’s time to get a bit OCD but once you do this it will make finding things in your closet a beeeze, not to mention it looks really pretty. Separate, for example, all of your shirts into categories: crop tops, tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, sweatshirts. Then in each category, organize them by color starting from lightest and going to darkest. Now your closet looks like a store!

Next, sweaters.  Ugh.   Tthese were always a trouble spot for me. If I hung them on hangers, they would inevitably stretch out or ruin the shoulders.  And if I folded them over a hanger ,they took up so much room in my closet and just looked really messy. See the video below for how to neatly fold your sweaters and stack them to get the clean and organized boutique look.

Scarves.  If you’re anything like me, you kind of collect them over the years. They end up getting stacked or thrown in a drawer, and you can never see the ones at the bottom.  And same with bathing suits! Half the time you can’t find a matching top to bottom and you give up and you just grab the ones at the top.  In the next two videos below, you can see how to quickly and neatly organize both of these items. Of course, I color-coded them because once you start color coding things when you organize, it becomes an obsession.

One of my favorite – and most creative – tips is to use these acrylic file organizers for your clutches.  They are the perfect size and since they are clear, you can see all of your clutches and know what you have!

And last, but certainly not least: shoes!  Matlin suggests getting your shoes out of the boxes and putting them on display so you know what you have and can easily get to them.  You know I LOVE shoes, so I’m completely on board with this tip!

I hope you guys enjoyed some of these fabulous tips brought to you by Matlin at Minimized. If you’re local and want to you have a consultation with her, you can contact her at hello@getminimized.com.