We had the wonderful opportunity to go see the Dancing with the Stars show live and it was so neat! I had no idea the amount of work that went into the scene changes during the commercials, it was crazy!  Let me start by saying that the ballroom is absolutely gorgeous and does look like it really looks on TV. It is beautiful and elegant and also DWTS gets the house packed!! The crowd was so energetic and excited; it was easy to get wrapped up in their energy.  After everyone takes their seats they bring out the announcers and judges who all nicely talk and interact with the audience during commercial breaks.  Also just as a side note, Brooke Burke is insanely pretty in person.

On to the dancing! First off, the costumes in person are insane.  Every square inch of the costumes are decked out with sequins and sparkles; they are simply stunning!! Also the jewelry is beautiful and I would love to get my hands on some of the mutli-colored sparkle bangles that all the girls have on. Of course, I had to check out the shoes, which are about a 1-2 inch heel and typically nude colored to elongate the leg I would think. Karina did rock a great pair of nude full sparkle heels, which I was in love with and she rocked them!

The dancers are so amazing and just to watch their footwork in person was great! We were told when we were that the celebrities practice 7 days a week for at least 5-6 hours a day.  We were so blown away by that, I had no idea the amount of work and dedication involved but it sure shows up in their dances because all the dancers did great! I do have to say though that JR for sure stole the show.  His energy and skills are insane! I really love how he has overcome so much in his life and although I love Ricki too I have to go with JR this season.  The way he moves, it is hard to tell who is the pro versus the celebrity. I will also say that I was very impressed with Rob Kardashians skills.  He has really come into his own this season and had a no fear attitude when he took the stage.  Speaking of Kardashians most of the clan sans Kim was there front-row to cheer on Rob.  The girls all looked amazing and little Mason was adorable and also very impressive for his age he remained quiet and content throughout all the performances. I swear if I had a kid that age he would probably tear across the dance floor in the middle of a dance!

In sum, it was a great experience I would highly recommend getting tickets if you are out in the LA area. Go see the show, grab dinner and have an amazing night!