Brexton is at such a fun age right now! He loves to learn and is so smart. One of our favorite activities at
the moment is letters! He loves to write his letters, and I like to think that is because I’ve come up with a
few ways to make letters FUN for Brexton.  One way that we did this in the past is plopping ketchup or mustard on a cookie sheet and letting him use his finger to write. Another one is filling a small box with sand and then using either his finger or a shell Brexton was able to write letters. (See photos of this below). It’s all about switching it up so they stay interested and engaged.

Our newest letter activity was so much fun for both Brexton and me. We went dinosaur hunting (aka letter hunting). The night before the activity, we filled up balloons with water and dropped in a few letters and dinosaurs. I carefully chose the letters to put into the balloons that would spell out simple words when Brexton got to them. This was also helpful later in the activity, because it reinforced sight words and in order to make the word, we had to work on the letter sounds. This activity had a lot of interactive learning involved!

Next, we placed all of the balloons in the freezer and let them sit all night. The next morning, we took the balloons out of the freezer and opened them up. This is definitely an adults job- I used a knife to slice the balloon and get out the ice ball. We put all the ice in a bowl and headed outside so Brexton could chisel the ice to get out the letters and dinosaurs. As he got to the letters, I had a piece of paper with words spelled out (missing a few letters here and there) and he matched dup all of the letters to spell out words.


This activity was perfect not only for all of the fun learning but also it’s been so darn hot out so the ice was perfect!

What you’ll need:
Plastic Letters
Dinosaurs (or action figures of your choice)

Let me know if you try this activity! I love to see your photos. I hope your little ones enjoy this cool Dino letter hunt!