Where did the summer go? School is almost back in session and many are getting ready to move out and live on their own for the very first time! It’s both scary and exciting all at the same time but, I can promise you this, the memories you make these next four years will be with you for a lifetime. I know it’s stressful moving and starting fresh in college so I created some cute design inspirations for your rooms so you can check off on more thing on your to-do list. Your room should be comfy and reflect your personality so hopefully these fun rooms will be a great inspiration for you to make your own room unique!

Boho Babe

Bright, colorful and playful, this room is an instant mood booster! I really love the gorgeous comforter, which is the statement maker in this room. The simple desk and chair play well with the colors of the comforter. I also really like the unique light and positive vibes artwork which are both $20 and under!


Room Design Inspiration: Boho Babe

Like A Boss

I love this room! The stark black and white with the pops of pink are spot-on in my book. I love the three different black and white patterns that, all though you would think they would clash, offer a fun way to break up so much of the same color. Also, don’t these pink chairs look so comfy!?  My favorite accent piece in the room is the “Like a Boss” pillow which is currently half off!

Dorm Inspiration: Black, White and Pink

Casual and Comfy

If your bed isn’t standard or you are shopping for an apartment on campus, I really love this elevated one because it offers so much room below it. Let’s be honest, there is barely any room in dorms or college apartments so this really maximizes your space! My other favorite piece in this room is the purple chair that folds out and turns into a bed. Perfect for when your BFF is over late for an all-night study session and needs somewhere to crash. Also, the desk and ombré bean bag in the collection are seriously gorg!


Dorm Room Inspiration: Style and Comfort


Parisian Chic

Simple and chic, this room stands out with accents in yellow and red. My favorite piece in this collection is the couch that can be purchased from IKEA for under $300. This is a piece that you can keep with you for years! Also, all the fun artwork is $20 or under! I won’t lie, the pillows in this collection are expensive (but they were the only images I could find) but I have seen similar at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I would also check Etsy.


Parisian Chic