There are so many cute things one can try with eye makeup from a smoky eye to winged eyeliner, but what if you are in a time crunch?  Sometimes when I only have a few minutes to get ready but still want to play up my eyes I opt for colored eyeliner.  I am very impressed with the line that Urban Decay has with colors ranging from a subtle plum to a loud bright blue.  I found a sample pack last year (pictured) and love it! The colors glide on smooth and bright and last all day!

I usually like to use the green, plum or darker blue shades.  If I am in a big rush I simply apply foundation to the lids and under eyes, use a cream under my eyebrows and line my eyes top and bottom lid with the fun color of choice!  Apply a quick quote of mascara and there you go, beautiful eyes in no time.  If you are not quite ready to go full color, line your eyes first in black or gray and then top with the color, it brings down the brightness a bit but you can still see the color.

I can only speak for brown eyes here, but I have found that the plum and green really make my eyes pop! Brown eyed girls we have it easy, our eye color seems to work with any shade! Ladies that have different colored eyes, I did some searching for you too.  Girls with baby blues should opt for a medium brown liner, those with green eyes should try plum and hazel eyes should try charcoal or
black liner.  You can also check out Almay’s line. They have made it simple by breaking down eyeliner, shadow and mascara by eye color.

If you are not in a rush there are so many fun things you can do with these liners.  Usually if I play with a colored liner I opt for neutral, bronzy/gold shadows, although I do really like doing a smoky eye with the plum eyeliner instead of the typical black.  Have fun playing around with these colors.  They are beautiful and slightly unexpected!