Although I’m a summer girl at heart, I do get giddy when I finally feel that cool breeze in the evenings because it means fall is on its way! Not only does that mean getting to grab all the animal prints and cozy sweaters in my closet, but it also means fall home decor!

When I’m preparing to redecorate for the fall season, Pinterest is my absolute go-to. There are so many great home decor blogs that truly inspire me and challenge me to play around with fun new textures, colors, and out-of-the-box ideas to make our home look totally fall-ified.

Photo: Pinterest/Old Time Pottery

One of the favorite elements here is the hanging witch hats. See, this is why I totally obsess over Pinterest, you guys! While the mums and pumpkins are something I already planned on executing for our home, hanging witch hats would have never crossed my mind. You could also hang other spooky elements like bats or candy corn garland to spice things up.

Photo: Pinterest/The Potted Boxwood

Up against this neutral home, the bright pops of orange truly make this house look so eye-catching. Instead of opting for pumpkins of many different colors, this homeowner focused on incorporating multiple different shades of orange to keep a bright and bold theme happening here.

Photo: Pinterest/One Kind Design

Nope, decorating for fall doesn’t just have to include using black, white, and orange! This homeowner completely decked their home out in mums in various shades of purple and used white pumpkins as accent pieces to separate the purples yet still keep things pretty monochromatic. Think outside of the box when it comes to color. Don’t limit yourself!

Photo: Pinterest/The Cameron Team

How jaw-dropping are those pops of black & white? I love that instead of using solid black accents and solid white accents, the homeowners played around with patterns like stripes and plaid to keep things exciting. Spreading those patterned black & white accents from top to bottom and left to right of the staircase really draws the eye to see the whole porch.

Photo: Pinterest/Liz Marie Blog

While I’m more of a modern home decor gal, I definitely do love to look at some more rustic home styles — and this fall front porch setup screams rustic. Aside from the multi-colored pumpkins, I love the way they stacked these pumpkins at different heights to draw the eyes around the porch to see the entire setup.

Photo: Pinterest/Lulus

If you’re someone who loves a more monochromatic look, sticking to a mostly white color scheme with your front porch can keep that theme going even outside your house. A fun pop of gold or light pink can add some spice to your porch without going too overboard with loads of black and orange.

Photo: Pinterest/Morgan Boulevard

If you’re ready to get reaaaally spooky, have the kids play around with some paint and make Jack-O-Lanterns! Not only are these pumpkins painted in different patterns adorable, but they are also such a fun DIY project to do with your family. Anything that I can turn into a family activity is something I’m down for!

Photo: Pinterest/BHG

If you have columns as an aspect of your front porch, use those to your advantage! There is truly so much that you can do with them — like wrapping this bat garland around them. It’s a great way to accentuate the height and great entryway of your home. You could also opt for leaves garland if you’re not super into Halloween like I am! I also love the multi-level flower pots that house florals and pumpkins. What a jaw-dropper!

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