With Father’s Day coming up quickly, Brexton and I took some time to create a FUN, handmade card that he can give to Daddy next Sunday to say thanks for being a “TEE-rific” Dad! For this birthday, Brexton got a set of golf clubs, so him and Kyle have been outside practicing in the backyard. With it being one of their favorite things to do together, it seemed like a perfect focus for the card!

This DIY Father’s Day card was super simple and really only took us about 15 minutes or so! It’s great if you’re looking for a crafty activity to try at home with your kiddo/s that also saves you $5-6 on a card at the store (can you BELIEVE how expensive cards have gotten?!). And I know you moms out there! — if you have a kid, you probably already have all these supplies at home!

What You’ll Need

  • Construction Paper
  • Hot Glue + Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Golf Tee
  • Styrofoam Ball (golf ball size)
  • Your Child’s Hand!


  1. On a green piece of construction paper, trace your child’s hand three separate times.
  2. Use the scissors to cut out the hand tracings (or have your child do this!).
  3. Take the cut out hands and use a glue stick to paste the hands onto the bottom of a separate piece of construction paper (we used blue) with the fingers facing upwards.
  4. Using your hot glue gun, glue the golf tee into the “grass” that you created with the hand cutouts.
  5. Cut your styrofoam ball in half, and use the hot glue to glue that half-circle piece onto the top of the golf tee.
  6. Have your child write a message to Dad! We wrote “You are a tee-rifiic dad. Love, Brexton”.