Alright, so what’s the hype with “fiber” mascara? I wanted to find out ASAP since it claims to give you false-lash looking eyelashes without having to try to master gluing strip lashes on, which I’m horrible at doing! So I tried the Younique brand, Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, which are supposed to be the best on the market. First, unlike many fiber mascara duos I researched, these have black fibers as opposed to white fibers. The kit comes with two tubes that are clearly marked ‘transplanting gel’ and ‘natural fibers’.


Let me start out by saying, don’t try these for the first time when you are heading out because it takes practice and also don’t put any face make up on until after you do your lashes because the little fibers fall on your cheeks and you have to brush them off. I apply all my eye makeup and then use this before applying my face makeup.  Note that it’s not that it is hard to apply these, it just takes a bit of practice so hopefully my mistakes can help you out so you know what to avoid.

To start, make sure your eyelashes are clean and use an eyelash curler to curl them.  First, apply one thin coat of your own regular favorite mascara and let it dry. Next, apply the 3D Fiber Transplanting Gel.  The first trick I learned is to do one eye at a time! So once the gel is on quickly apply the lash fibers.  The next trick I learned is to do it over the sink.  When you pull the wand out with fibers on them, don’t directly go for your lashes or you will end up with tarantula-looking eyelashes.  Instead, lightly tap off some of the lash fibers over the sink and then brush them on like mascara.  Another tip is not go to the base of your eyelashes like you would with regular mascara.  Instead, I went about half way up because when I did it on the base I got a bunch of fibers on my contact. When I went half way up though, I didn’t have any problems.  Next, reapply the transplanting gel over the fibers to set them.  Then, quickly before it dries, take an eyelash comb or old, clean mascara wand and go over your lashes to separate them.  This really helps because, if not, they become a bit too clumpy for my liking.  Once I did this, I found that I really liked the way the fibers turned out. My lashes were lush and long and ready for a night out!


Even since I filmed this video tutorial, I have gotten better and better the more I practiced with the lash fibers.  I really like that they don’t smudge or harm my real lashes and are very easy to take off.  The price is $29 which I don’t think is too bad in comparison to strip lashes, which are usually $10 plus glue and you really only get one wear out of them.  With the fiber lashes, I have used it about 10 times already and haven’t even put a small dent in it!

I have naturally long eyelashes so for me I still think my power couple mascara is still the way for me to go. I find that my eyelashes have less clump that way. However if you had very short eyelashes I think the fibers are a great idea, or I may just need more practice with them

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