As I approach 37 weeks, I am still trying to work out regularly, although I can’t lie, it’s getting more and more difficult because little man is dropping! Fitness and eating healthy (for the most part) have been important to me throughout my entire pregnancy so I wanted to share with you a little bit about my fitness routine along with some of my favorite products!


The first trimester was really hard for me to work out! When they implanted the embryo, I was so afraid that I would do something wrong and that I would jiggle him right out of me! Now, let’s be honest, that really can’t happen but after everything we went through trying to get our little miracle baby, I wasn’t going to chance it. So for the first few weeks, I just did light arms and really not too much leg work except for walking. At week five and a half, the morning sickness set in. It took everything I had in me just to get out of bed on most days so working out was a definite struggle. I would try to do workout videos but when I got too hot, I would instantly get sick. I would force myself to take a long walk at least three times a week in order to get some fresh air and exercise. It helped take my mind off of how nauseous I was 24/7 but really this was all I could do.


Finally around week 13, I started to feel like my old self again and I slowly started incorporating weights and Barre exercises back into my fitness routine. By week 16, I felt awesome and I was ready to get back into a solid workout routine. I knew I had to modify my workouts so I eliminated jumping and lifting heavy weights but, for the most part, I kept my routine the same as pre-pregnancy. As the weeks went on and my belly grew, I really focused on doing a lot of pregnancy videos. There are a number of good ones out there depending on your fitness level. The biggest complaint I heard from other women is that a lot of the pregnancy videos were far too easy and I felt the same way! The two videos I loved throughout pregnancy were Andrea Orbeck’s Pregnancy Sculpt and Suzanne Bowen’s Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout. Also, don’t be afraid to do the core exercises in them. I’ve been assured over and over by doctors and trainers that modified core exercises are beneficial for you during pregnancy.


So, let’s talk workout gear! First, you have to decide, once your belly gets big, if you want pants that go under the belly or over it. Personally I’m a big fan of over-the-belly because I feel like it provides extra support. My absolute favorite pants are by Beyond the Bump and they are sold at Destination Maternity. The material is insane! It is the softest, most giving material ever! I love that you can wear them folded down under the belly which I did in my earlier months or above the belly, which I do now (see photo).  I also really like the BeMaternity collection from Target!


Working out is great for you when you’re pregnant and I am happy that I continued my fitness program throughout my pregnancy.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on my site!