I love summer but it does a number on my skin and hair and I have to change up most of my products to fight the heat and humidity.  Below are my must have products and tips to stay looking cool no matter what the temperature!

LotionThe LOTION:  Ever hop out of the shower, slather on some lotion and then try to wiggle into a pair of skinny jeans? Yea that is not happening! Either belt loops are getting broken as I’m trying to pull my jeans up or picture frames are falling off the dresser as I jump with all my might to try to get them up! No its not because the jeans are too tight it is because its humid out and that thick lotion is sticky and the combo really doesn’t work together.  So how do you stay hydrated and get into your jeans? Hello Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in three varieties (around $6).  I have used the Aloe type all summer and can not stop raving about this product to anyone who will listen.  It is a spray can that mists a lightweight lotion that dries almost instantly.  The mist does not go everywhere, it smells great and the best part is I can instantly slip into my jeans!



The FACE HYDRATOR:  Ever go get a facial and even though you are an oil slick using blotting sheets every 5 minutes you are told that your skin is dry? Excuse me how can I be this oily and dry? Yep welcome to my world in the summer! I have however found the perfect hydrator that leaves my skin moisturized and not oily at all.  The face hydrator is by Skin Medica ($80 but a little goes a long way and it is worth the money) and is called Hydrating Complex.  According to the their website this products replenishes your skins moistures, protects against the degenerations of hyaluronic acid and elastin, helps to maintain firmness and enhances the benefits of your daily moisturizer.  I have found that when I put this on my skin it blends right in so much so it doesn’t feel like I have anything on at all! I also think that though it does not claim to do so it helps to keep my oil at bay. In the winter I pair it with a moisturizer but in the summer I just pair it with my CC cream (See my review on this site for my fav CC cream).


MascaraThe CHEAP LITTLE HAIR TRICK:  I am one of those girls that when I put my hair up in a ponytail I have all these crazy, curly, baby hairs that stick straight out of my head. It literally looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket.  I tried everything from frizz creams to hair gels and pomades but nothing helped.  Then as I was setting my eyebrows into place with clear mascara I thought heck I should put this in my hair.  So after securing my hair into a high pony I took my clear mascara and brushed all my little flyaways down and then added some hair spray.  To my excitement, this little trick worked so well, it even withstood a dinner outdoors in Miami Beach!