On Twitter the other day, I told people that one of my favorite things about a night race is that it allows me time to workout during the day and then I asked about all of your workouts.  One response I got spurred this next blog.  One lady asked if cleaning the house counted as a workout.  Well, of course it does! Any type of movement is a plus! The question inspired me and I thought I would share with you all a few ways to amp up your regular cleaning routine to include some body toning moves!

First, if you have a side by side, front load washer and dryer like we do, you will love this lower body move! Get in front of the washer and dryer, right in the middle, and get into a plié squat position (your legs are as far apart as comfortable and your feet are turned out, keeping your knees behind your toes).  Lower down and try to get your legs parallel to the floor.  Using your obliques as you hold this lowered stance, reach and grab the clothes from the washer and shift just your upper body to place them into the dryer then shift back.  Holding the static squat will engage all of your lower body muscles and engaging your obliques as you reach side to side will really tone up your midsection!

Another one of my favorite moves is a calf raise because they are so easy to do whenever you are standing still and it doesn’t take a lot of them to really feel the burn! I love to do standing calf raises as I am folding laundry or drying dishes.

Don’t forget that unloading the groceries can be a great arm workout! As you are loading the milk and OJ into the fridge, do a few bicep curls with them.  Taking cans of green beans to the pantry? Try a few tricep raises first! Holding a can in each hand, feet shoulder width apart, lower down a few inches. Have your palms face the wall behind you as you lift and lower the cans with straight arms.  Stop them from coming more forward than your hips so that you keep the tricep muscles engaged the whole time!

My very last favorite move is when I am waiting for food in the microwave.  I like to do regular pushups and triangle pushups with the counter top.  Simply place your hands on the edge of the counter as you would on the floor for the regular pushup.  For the triangle pushup, place your hands in a diamond position and, as you lower down, be sure to keep your elbows tucked into your sides.