After posting a Q&A on my Instagram Story the other day, I realized that so many people were interested in hearing more about collagen! Collagen is something that I make sure to incorporate into my daily routine since it’s so easy to do and really benefits your body in so many different ways. I’ve partnered with Ancient Nutrition, one of my all-time favorite collagen brands to bring you one of my favorite Collagen Smoothie recipes that you can try at home!

The best part about this smoothie recipe is that if you’re not a fan of the ingredients that I’m using, you can totally blend up any smoothie of your choice and add in the same amount of collagen to reap the benefits!

The Benefits

What’s so special about collagen, you ask? While many collagen powders are different, the Multicollagen from Ancient Nutrition is my favorite because it provides more benefits than most other collagen products. Their Multicollagen is an “all-in-one” collagen that comes in many different flavors (I usually go with the unflavored to keep my smoothie tasting like the other ingredients I add in, but they have so many to choose from! I can’t wait to try the Strawberry Lemonade!). Using just a scoop of this powder each day can help to support a healthy gut, skin, hair, nails, and joints. This specific collagen also is non-GMO, soy-free, and comes from pasture-raised, cage-free, and cruelty-free sources (yay!).

The Ingredients

The Process

  1. Start off by prepping all your ingredients. Make sure your fruits, veggies, and ginger are all in chopped into small pieces.
  2. Put some ice into your blender cup, then start by adding in wet ingredients (milk). After your milk and ice are in the cup, you can load in all your other dry ingredients and the honey at the end (up to you if you add it in or not!).
  3. After all your ingredients are into the blender cup, close the lid and pop it right onto the blender. Blend this baby up until it’s completely smooth. That’s it!


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To learn more about Ancient Nutrition, please head to their website here. The products were provided courtesy of Ancient Nutrition, but all opinions are my own.