I’m sure all of you have heard of Poshmark, but if not, I’m here to tell you how to be a Poshmark Maven and maximize your sales! My friend Matlin, owner of Get Minimized, who is a professional organizer and Poshmark expert helped me put together these easy tips for you! Poshmark is an app that is an easy way to buy and sell new or gently used fashion. You know those items in your love but you just don’t find yourself reaching for them on a day to day basis? I love to list those items on Poshmark, so they can find a new home with someone who will get more wear out of them.  I also love to scour the site scouting deals on all sorts of name brands like Golden Goose and other cool designers for a fraction of retail price!
It is a huge market and the competition can be tough. It’s important to follow these tips if you are looking for a way to really stand out and maximize your sales!  


  • In situation photos – Post photos of you wearing the item so shoppers can see how it fits! When you see items hanging on a hanger it can be hard to imagine what it would look like on.  


  • Color Coordinate your Page – I find that color coordination not only looks visually pleasing, it helps the customers find exactly what they are looking for! If they need a blue top, they won’t be mindlessly scrolling- they can just go to the blue section and boom, there is the blue top they were searching for!  


  • Sizing – Be honest when describing the size and fit of the items you are selling. I am a pretty petite person, so I am very honest about my size and how it fits on me- whether it runs true to size, small or large.  


  • Pricing – Use competitive pricing. Most people shopping on Poshmark are looking for a good deal. Do research and find out what other people are sellling the same item for and price accordingly.  


  • Be Consistent – Don’t be afraid to part with your clothes! I know we all have trouble with this, but for every item you give away there is another new fun outfit waiting! Go through your closet frequently and stay active on Poshmark. This will keep buyers coming back to your closet! 


Remember, Poshmark is a very social selling app, and your stuff is more likely to be seen and bought faster if you’re following friends and sharing other people’s items. The more you use it – whether you’re sharing items or listing new items the better off you will be. Hope you can put these tips to use and become a Poshmark Maven yourself! 

Happy Shopping!