Justin Timberlake sure made a huge splash at the Grammys performing one of my new favorite songs, “Suit and Tie”.  However, my all-time favorite song by him is still “Sexy Back” and a lot of the women on the red carpet at the Grammys sure did just that! From the always gorgeously toned Carrie Underwood in a black strapless number to Katy Perry in a mint green curve-hugging dress that showed off all her assets…these women looked amazing! The back is my focus of today’s workout, and the reason for the title of my blog, because a lot of women tend to overlook working out their back.  However, when one has a toned back, not only does it look hot in little strapless numbers and is great for your posture, but it also gives the illusion of a smaller waistline…added bonus! Below are a few of my favorite sexy back moves that you can perform in the comfort of your own home with just a set of heavy dumbbells.  So pop on some Timberlake tunes and bring on the sexy back workout!

1.  Bent Over Row Series (complete all of these with no break in between)

  •  Bent Over Row palms facing in, 12 reps
  •  Bent Over Row palms facing up, 12 reps
  •  Bent Over Row palms facing down, 12 reps

Description of Workout:

workoutGrab a pair of dumbbells, bend your knees slightly and hinge forward with photo-29your arms hanging down in front of you with palms facing in towards one another.  Pull the weights straight back keeping them tucked close to your body.  Your elbows should point straight back, squeeze your shoulder blades together like your squeezing a pencil in between them and keep your core tight as the weights come right to the outside of your chest.  Slowly lower back down and repeat.  For the second and third moves simply switch the hand position to palms facing up then palms facing down.


2. Plank Row, 15 reps each side

Description of workout:

plankGrab a pair of dumbbells and get into plank position.  Make sure your arms are directly under your shoulders, your core is tight and your butt is not hiked in the air.  With your hands on your weights, palms facing in towards one another, pull your right arm up, elbow pointing towards the ceiling until your weight is at chest height (see picture).  Slowly return it to the starting position and then repeat with the left arm.







3. Standing Lat Pull Down with a Toe Raise

photo-34I love doing lat pull downs at the gym but I do not have this luxury while in coverthe motor home.  I also love working my calves because I think tone calves look so sexy in skirts and dresses.  Therefore, I made up this very effective move.  Start with your weights above your head close together and biceps near your ears (see picture).  Slowly pull the weights down until you make a W shape as you simultaneously rise up on your toes.  Slowly lower your toes back down as you press your weights back up.



4. Floor Raise Series (Complete all of these with no break in between)

  • Y raises, 12 reps
  • T raises, 12 reps
  • I raises, 12 reps

Description of Workout:

Grab your mat or a towel and lay down on the floor on your stomach.  Extend your arms out in front of you and simultaneously lift your feet (keeping them together) and your arms into a “Y” shape.  This move is great because it works your entire back and you get some glutes in there too! Lower back down slowly and then complete 12 reps. Without resting after these 12 reps move into 12 reps with the letter “T” and then 12 reps making the letter “I” (see pictures).