I have been telling all of you guys how awesome the InStyler is so I thought I would show you in pictures how it works.  First, let me start by saying that my hair was about 90% dry and this is what it really looks like. All that was in it is a little Moroccan oil and mousse.  Now keep in mind when you are looking at the pics that I was a one man band here trying to take pics of myself and straighten my hair so forgive me on the photography lol.

In picture one you can see my hair has a natural weird wave to it and is FRIZZY (aka looks like I stuck my hand in a light socket).  Needless to say, not too cute of a look.  So enter the InStyler! I have had mine for a few years now and it has improved my hair condition so much! I have had so many hair horror stories with flat irons it’s not even funny.  I once used a flat iron and held it too long trying to straighten my hair and lost 4 inches off of my hair!  I also did not like a flat iron because then you have no volume in your hair!

In picture two and three you can see where I have started to straighten/curl one half and the other is still a frizz-ball.  The great thing about the InStyler is you do not have to straighten in then go back and re-curl it.  You can create these sexy loose curls in one quick motion!

Picture four, five and six shows the final results with the InStyler! As you can see it creates beautiful, loose curls as well as straightening, adding volume, reducing frizz and adding shine! Whew, that’s a whole lotta good stuff this thing does!!! Hope you guys are able to see how great the InStyler works!

Total Hair Time: 6 minutes                        Total Picture Taking Time: 32 minutes 🙂